The Ultimate Guide to Styling Your Goatee and Mustache

Did you know that the term “goatee” originally referred to a tuft of hair on a goat’s chin, resembling the facial hair style we now know as a goatee? Historically, the goatee has been a popular choice for men looking to add a touch of rugged masculinity to their appearance. This facial hair style has evolved over time, with many variations and styles now available for men to choose from.

The history of the goatee and mustache dates back to ancient times, where facial hair was often seen as a symbol of masculinity and strength. In more recent history, iconic figures such as Abraham Lincoln and Vincent Van Gogh popularized the goatee and mustache, further solidifying its place in fashion and style. Today, the goatee and mustache continue to be a fashionable choice for many men, offering a versatile and stylish option for those looking to express their individuality.

For those looking to style their goatee and mustache, there are a variety of options to choose from. Whether you prefer a full goatee, a Van Dyke, or a simple handlebar mustache, there is a style to suit every preference. Taking the time to care for and groom your facial hair can make all the difference in achieving a polished and put-together look. With the right tools and techniques, you can easily maintain your goatee and mustache for a look that is sure to turn heads.

According to a survey conducted by a leading men’s grooming brand, over 70% of men believe that grooming their facial hair boosts their self-confidence. With the rise of social media and the increasing emphasis on personal style, the goatee and mustache have become go-to choices for men looking to make a statement with their appearance. Whether you’re going for a classic look or a more modern style, the goatee and mustache offer a versatile and on-trend option for those looking to step up their grooming game.

What are the best styles for a goatee and mustache combo?

When it comes to facial hair, the goatee and mustache combo is a classic choice for men looking to add some edge to their look. A goatee is a style of facial hair that involves hair on the chin and usually a mustache, while a mustache is simply hair grown on the upper lip.

There are many different styles of goatees and mustaches that can be combined to create a unique and stylish look. Some popular options include the classic full goatee, the Van Dyke (a goatee with a disconnected mustache), the anchor (a goatee with a small, pointed mustache), and the chin strap (a thin strip of hair along the jawline with a connected mustache).

The key to finding the best style for your goatee and mustache combo is to consider the shape of your face and the thickness of your hair. For example, men with round faces may want to opt for a longer, fuller goatee to help elongate their face, while those with square faces may prefer a more angular shape.

Once you have selected a style that works for you, it is important to properly groom and maintain your goatee and mustache combo. This includes regular trimming to keep the hair at a consistent length, as well as using beard oil or balm to keep the hair soft and hydrated.

In the next section, we will discuss in more detail the different styles of goatees and mustaches, as well as provide tips for grooming and maintenance to help you achieve the perfect look for your goatee and mustache combo. Stay tuned for expert advice on how to rock this classic facial hair style with confidence!

The Ultimate Guide to Styling Your Goatee and Mustache

Whether you’re a seasoned goatee and mustache wearer or just starting out, finding the right style to suit your face shape and personal taste can be a fun and creative process. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you achieve the perfect look.

Finding the Right Goatee Style

  • Classic Goatee: A small patch of hair on the chin
  • Soul Patch: A small patch of hair just below the lower lip
  • Full Goatee: Hair grown on the chin and connected to a mustache
  • Anchorman: A mustache that extends down to a goatee

Choosing the Perfect Mustache Style

  • Handlebar Mustache: Curled at the ends
  • Chevron Mustache: Thick and wide, covering the top lip
  • Pencil Mustache: Thin line of hair above the upper lip
  • Horseshoe Mustache: Thick and shaped like a horseshoe

Maintenance and Grooming Tips

Trim your goatee and mustache regularly to keep them looking neat and well-groomed. Invest in a high-quality trimmer and scissors to maintain your desired style. Use beard oil or balm to keep your facial hair soft and manageable. Comb or brush your goatee and mustache daily to prevent tangles and ensure a polished look.

Styling Tools and Products

Consider using styling wax or gel to shape and define your goatee and mustache. Experiment with different products to find what works best for your hair type and desired look. Don’t forget to invest in a good quality razor for precise edging and clean lines.

What is a goatee and mustache combination?

A goatee and mustache combination refers to the style of facial hair where the individual wears both a trimmed goatee on their chin and a coordinated mustache above their lip.

How do I properly style a goatee and mustache?

To style a goatee and mustache, start by trimming both areas to your desired length and shape. Use a good quality trimmer and scissors to maintain the look. Regularly comb and moisturize your facial hair to keep it looking neat and healthy.

What face shapes suit a goatee and mustache?

A goatee and mustache combination can suit a variety of face shapes, but it tends to complement square and oval faces the best. It can help round out angular features or add definition to softer contours.

How can I make my goatee and mustache grow faster?

While there is no surefire way to make facial hair grow faster, maintaining a healthy diet, proper skincare routine, and staying hydrated can potentially help stimulate hair growth. Additionally, massaging the area with essential oils like coconut or jojoba oil may aid in improving circulation and promoting hair growth.

How do I choose the right shape for my goatee and mustache?

When choosing a shape for your goatee and mustache, consider your face shape and personal style. Experiment with different shapes and lengths to find what works best for you. It is also helpful to consult with a barber for guidance on the most flattering options for your facial features.


In conclusion, goatees and mustaches are popular facial hair styles that have been embraced by many individuals for centuries. These styles have evolved over time and are now seen as symbols of masculinity, individuality, and personal style. From the classic mustache worn by iconic figures like Tom Selleck to the trendy goatee sported by celebrities like Johnny Depp, there are endless variations of these facial hair styles to choose from.

Whether you prefer a clean-cut mustache or a rugged goatee, both styles require proper grooming and maintenance to keep them looking their best. Using quality beard oils, balms, and trimmers can help keep your facial hair in top shape. Furthermore, it’s important to consider your face shape and personal style when choosing between a goatee and a mustache. Ultimately, what matters most is that you feel confident and comfortable with your chosen facial hair style, as it can be a powerful form of self-expression. So go ahead, experiment with different looks and embrace your facial hair with pride!